DID YOU KNOW that on July 4th, an estimated 10,500 firework injuries will be reported across the US?

1 in 5 of those reports will be eye related injuries!

Even if you are careful, BE AWARE that many firework injuries are reported by innocent bystanders. According to an international study, 35% were under the age of 15.

Some of Dr. Thomas’s “Firework Safety” Tips:
– View fireworks from at least 500 feet away (set safety barriers).
– Do NOT handle the “duds” (un-exploded fireworks) after they have been lit.
– If you’re the designated “firework lighter,” wear protective eyewear.
– Do not allow children to handle fireworks and never leave them unsupervised with them
– Try to avoid sparklers that heat up to 1,800 degrees.

– DO NOT rub your eyes.
– Use eye wash or let natural tears wash out any debris or potential loose particles.
– Lift the upper eyelid outward and down over the lower lid.
– If debris doesn’t wash out, or you are unsure of the cause, keep the eye closed/bandaged and go to the emergency room.

If you do happen to sustain an eye injury, please remember to follow up with Dr. Thomas. He will help ensure that the injury heals correctly.