Our newest frame line really has us excited!  We introduced Neubau Eyewear to our gallery in February and the feedback has been great!  Let us tell you why this line is SO COOL!

Neubau frames are designed and manufactured exclusively in Austria.   Design inspiration is derived from Vienna’s Neubau district, which is a hub for all things creative.  Not only do they offer lightweight, fashionable and comfortable frames; Neubau has set high environmental standards for everything they do.

Their goal is sustainability.  So how are they achieving this goal….

  • Their frames are made from organically sourced and renew­able pri­ma­ry prod­ucts.  For example, the polymer used to manufacture the frames is made up of 65% of oil extracted from the seeds of castor oil plants.
  • Cases are made from a cellulose base and without any need for glue.  This makes them easily recyclable.
  • The cleaning cloth is made from recycled plastic bottles and is packed only in recyclable paper.

This is definitely a brand that you can feel good about purchasing and you will look fabulous while wearing their frames.  Stop by the office to check out this amazing line!