Short answer….YES!!  They are worth it!

When purchasing sunglasses, you will find tinted and polarized lens options available.  Tinted lenses may be attractive, but don’t always offer the best protection for your eyes.  While tinted lenses are great for moderating brightness levels, they may not offer UV protection.  Wearing sunglasses with no UV protection is very damaging to your eyes and you would be off going without sunglasses all together.  Reducing the brightness will make the pupil dilate and then allows more passage of the UV rays into the inner eye region. This in turn causes visual discomfort and damage to the retina over time.

Polarized lenses give your vision a “fine-tuning”.  You may have heard that polarized sunglasses are just for fisherman.  While they are great for fishing, this is definitely a myth!!!  Polarized lenses come in handy in any high glare situations such as, light reflecting off of roads, cars, or water.  Aside from the health and safety features that polarized lenses provide, they are also fun to wear!  Colors will be more vibrant and crisp allowing your time outside to be more enjoyable.

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Water view with and without polarized sunglasses