Take a minute and imagine life without your prescription glasses or contacts!  Go one step further and remove your glasses or contacts and go about your daily life for 5 minutes.  What you see (or don’t see) is just a way of life for many people in under-developed countries.  The bright light to this sad truth is that you can easily help a person, that you’ve never met, just by donating your out-of-date prescription glasses.

We are a designated drop-off location for eyeglass recycling with Lions Club International.  Your recycled glasses are used to provide no cost primary eye care to the needy and low income citizens in economically disadvantaged countries worldwide.  So clean out that junk drawer or your bed side table to find those old glasses that you didn’t know what else to do with.  Swing by Thomas Eye Center to drop off those and voilà, you’ve help change a life!


Donate old glasses here. Lions Club International