We often take our eyes for granted, using them to see the world without a second thought. But when a problem arises, it can have a profound impact on our lives. This was the case for a patient at Thomas Eye Center, who came in for her annual routine eye exam.

“During the exam, Doctor Kaj found some abnormal things going on and ordered a few more tests. I went back to work”, remembers Tomekia, “and she called me back over and did a few more tests and it came up that I had a brain tumor.”

“Dr. Kaj immediately sent me to the emergency room,” she explains. There it was confirmed that Tomekia had a Benign Schwannoma on the right side of the brain stem.

If she hadn’t caught it, I would have had a stroke and died.

Two weeks later Tomekia was in surgery to have the tumor removed and so far all her checkups have been great.

Why Routine Eye Exams Are So Crucial

Tomekia’s experience really drives home how important routine eye exams are, even when you don’t think anything is wrong. At Thomas Eye Center we urge everyone to get their eye exams done on time, every year.

Personalized Eye Care

Having an eye doctor that you can trust in Athens and so close to Watkinsville provides peace of mind. Knowing that you can get prompt, personalized care when you need it most, is invaluable.

Eye exams are not just about glasses and contacts – it’s about maintaining the ability to fully experience the world around you for years to come.

Your Local Eye Doctors

We hope everyone makes eye health a top priority by scheduling regular appointments with your eye doctor.

Tomekia’s Story

Thank you to Tomekia for sharing her story. We are so glad she is feeling better than ever now.