What is the difference

Medical Insurance VS Vision Plans

What does it mean

How to differentiate medical insurance and vision plans

Two types of health insurance contribute to your eye health services and products: (1) your vision savings plans and (2) your medical insurance plan. Your vision savings plan covers routine vision wellness exams and includes the purchase of eyewear and contact lenses. Your medical insurance plan covers the diagnosis and management of medical eye issues, such as dry eye disease, glaucoma and macular disease.

Vision Savings Plans

Cover routine vision wellness exams.

Vision Savings Plans include the purchase of

  • eyewear
  • contact lenses

Medical Insurance Plans

Cover the diagnosis and management of medical eye issues.

Medical Insurance Plans cover

  • dry eye disease
  • glaucoma
  • macular disease


What that Means to You

As a result, it may be necessary for us to submit and bill some services to your vision savings plan and some services to your medical insurance plan, as required by your plan carriers.

Coordination of Benefits

We will follow a procedure called ‘coordination of benefits’ to do this properly and to maximize your best advantage and reduced contribution by you.

Deductible, Copayments and Non-provider Services

Where some fees for services and products are not paid by your vision savings plan or medical insurance plan, you will be responsible for them, including deductible, copayments and non-provider services, as specified by your plan contracts.

Does This All Make Sense?

Please provide both your vision plan authorization card and your medical insurance card and identification, for your benefit, to our team member so we can make copies.

And be sure to let us know if you have any questions. We are happy to discuss fees and help you understand the difference between medical and managed care “savings plans.”


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