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Comprehensive eye exams

Understanding your visit

Eye Exam at Thomas Eye Center

Ensuring Clear Vision

Regular checks make sure your vision stays crystal clear, with timely corrections for any changes.

During your comprehensive eye exam, your eye doctor will assess the health and function of your eyes and perform various tests of your vision. We recommend a yearly eye exam for adults and children as a wise investment in the protection of your eyesight.

Before we begin an eye exam, we will have a detailed conversation about your medical history and any relevant family history. We’ll discuss any medication you’re currently taking as well as your current lens prescription. As part of your examination, your visual acuity (the sharpness of your vision) will be measured and a test known as a refraction is conducted to determine your need for an eyeglass or contact lens prescription.

Identifying Other Health Conditions

Eye exams can uncover serious health issues like diabetes, thyroid disease, and high blood pressure, even before you know about them. We’ll examine your pupils, your peripheral (side) vision, your eye movements, and your eye’s internal pressure using a series of tests.

Monitoring Overall Eye Health

A comprehensive eye exam tests more than just your sight. Your eye doctor will also inspect the inner structures of your eyes, including the retina and optic nerve. If necessary, we may recommend further specialized testing or imaging to rule out, manage, or treat various eye conditions, such as glaucoma, cataracts, diabetic retinopathy, and optic nerve abnormalities.


You may be familiar with dilating eye drops, which cause the iris to open wide, giving the doctor a good view of the internal structures of the eye. The effects of the dilating drops usually begin to subside after a few hours; however, it is wise to bring good sunglasses to help you see in bright sunlight following a dilated eye exam. While your eyes are dilated, close work or reading may be difficult, and sunlight may be bright. Our staff will give you a pair of disposable sunglasses if you forget to bring your own.

After performing these tests your doctor will discuss your results and give you a better understanding of your overall eye health. Our doctors and staff drive to exceed everyone’s expectations with our quality care, products, and services. Most of our new patients tell us, “This is the best and most thorough eye exam I have ever had!”

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