Single-focus Computer Glasses

Are you experiencing challenges with your everyday glasses when you work at your computer? You’re not alone. Many patients struggle to see clearly at a typical viewing distance for digital screens, which is around arm’s length.

Common Signs You May Need Computer Glasses

  • Hand-Holding: Do you find yourself constantly adjusting your glasses while using the computer? This is a common workaround for the lack of a dedicated focal length for digital devices.
  • Head Tilting: Are you frequently tipping your head back to see clearly through the lower part of your progressive or bifocal lenses? This posture can lead to neck strain over time.

Customized Solutions for Clear Vision

At Thomas Eye Center, we understand the challenges of clear computer vision. That’s why we offer customized solutions to help you achieve optimal vision comfort and clarity.
  • Individualized Fitting: Our experienced optometrists will measure the exact distance between your eyes and your computer screen to determine your ideal focal length. We’ll then craft a pair of single-focus glasses tailored to your needs.
  • Non-Glare Lenses: We’ll also equip your custom glasses with non-glare coatings to reduce eye strain due to blue light and improve overall visual comfort.

Love Your Lenses Again

Patients who’ve made the switch to custom single-focal computer lenses report:
  • Increased Comfort: No more neck strain or constant adjustments.
  • Improved Clarity: Everything on the screen is in clear focus.
Don’t let computer challenges disrupt your daily life. Schedule an appointment today to explore custom solutions for your vision needs.